Donate to BCNRA

ad-donateIf you’re passionate about living on the water, or believe that those who do should have the freedom to do so, we could use your financial — as well as philosophical — support. There are people in our communities and government who would like to see this way of life disappear on our coastline. Help us inspire those people with a different point of view as well as build and improve our communities.

How do your donations support BCNRA and its members? Your donations help support:

  • Research into issues and initiatives that have a direct impact on liveaboard boaters and floathome residents.
  • Public education regarding specific issues.
  • Expert reports on specific topics, e.g., legal implications, environmental impacts, etc.
  • Legal challenges to laws that have an unfair, adverse impact on liveaboards and floathomes.
  • Annual expenses such as the BCNRA website, Annual General Meeting, and other organizational initiatives.

Please note that as an advocacy group, we are not a registered charity and cannot issue tax receipts. Thank you for your contribution to the liveaboard community.

To donate, click the Donate button below which will take you to a secure site to process your donation. You do not need to be a PayPal member, simply enter the amount and look for “Don’t have a PayPal account? ” (shown below left)  and click Continue to enter your credit card information.

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