To-o-o-o Great Expectations?

(with apologies to Charles Dickens)

BCNRA is run by a small group of volunteers who also have to deal with the challenges of life. We choose to reach out to help other liveaboards who deal with conflicts similar to our own, and try to reach out as far as we can with our own experiences. We cannot be all things to all liveaboards, being limited by our own time and resources.

How can you help make our Association even better, able to serve the needs of liveaboards in your area? One way is to sign up to be a correspondent for Life Afloat! What’s happening in your community? What are the local marine businesses that you recommend?

Other ways to support the Association are:

  • Participate in events (BCNR rendezvous this summer, anyone??)
  • Help with projects such as staffing the BCNR table at the annual Ogden Point marine garage sale.
  • Serve on the Board of Directors; the Association benefits when new directors bring their experience, skills, knowledge, and ideas to the ‘table’. Directors can live anywhere, thanks to online meeting platforms.