They really saved my bacon

Johnston Meier Insurance Agency Group
Port Coquitlam BC
Marine Division

The above insurance company gave me the liability insurance I needed to continue on staying at Discovery Harbour Marina in Campbell River. I have a 50 year old Albion that I’m restoring, slowly and steadily, but due to rotten bulwarks, the last survey showed poorly and Hub, Coastal and others (many many others) refused to insure her even though she’s sound. I really thought I was going to get kicked out of the marina. Paula Burgess was fantastic to deal with, no survey required and as affordable as insurance gets. Now I get to stay in DHM and I have the grace to repair my bulwarks at the marina and get her ready for another survey this winter where she’ll shine like a new diamond.

I suggest adding this to your list of Insurance companies friendly to live-aboard folk. They really saved my bacon.



Editor: Thanks Jeff, we did!!