Liveaboard Moorage

In response to a an email regarding the difficulty obtaining moorage as a liveaboard, the British Columbia Nautical Residents Association board is investigating the terms that govern marina leases. The question is whether moorage has to be made available to all classes of vessel including liveaboards. Keep an eye on this thread for updates on what we find out in our investigation.

7 thoughts on “Liveaboard Moorage

  1. I believe that BC Supreme Court ruling that the right to pitch a tent in a park is a part of the charter right to Life Liberty and Security of the person , also applies to those living on boats. I think seeking a court ruling on that is well worth persueing.

  2. Just came across your association while browsing the web. I’m located here in Port Alberni and have enjoyed life aboard my sailboat for a couple of years now. Great being close to nature and all. I had no idea how lucky I was when I first arrived and was granted live aboard status right away. I had foolishly assumed this as a right anywhere. Fell pretty lucky. But also concerned for where too next once I decide to moves on.

    • Hello Richard.
      I want to do the same thing but was told by the port authority that live-aboard moorage was not and never would be available. How did you do it?

  3. I just acquired an old, well-loved 38′ motor-yacht which has been a liveaboard in the past, I don’t plan on living aboard anytime soon as I need to do a few repairs out of water (top-deck leaks), however I have noticed a very cold and somewhat unexpected “welcome” to the community of liveaboarders by most marinas… Why do they treat us/you like that? If there is a group of people working on the above mentioned project (legislation for liveaboard boaters) I would love to help!!!

    Thanks for starting this group, it’s very much appreciated, and needed!

  4. hi there,im one of the unlucky livaboarders that was handed out 30 day notices,after they passed a bilaw kicking us all out,is terrible what there doing here,im currently anchored an rafted together with my freind keith dorward.who was in the globe an mail,we cant even come ashore in our zodiaks to get supplys,or they send r.c.m.p.and security guards after us,we come to town now,thanks to the port hardy coast guard station,were we tie up our zodiaks when we come to shore,were hoping to leave this nasty little town very soon,and head to sointula,deep bay.or gorge harbour,this message is for all livaboards,”BEWARE OF PORT HARDY”….they hire heavys to terroize us as livaboards,spread the word,asked by a globe an mail reporter to the mayor she declined to comment,but councellor rick marcotte said and i quote”we are just trying to clean up our harbour of unemployed derelict barge owners,is totally untrue,i live on a beutifull ,well kept cal 28 with septic,i worked with community fisherys on a training program for a year rebuilding all the port hardy docks,i get a letter of reference from community fisherys in parksville,i also have my med 3 emer dutys,s.v.o.p.5 ton captains ticket to run crew boats to 11 passenjers,again i say to all boaters ,dont waste your money tieing up to there livaboards i feel we have to stay together,….richard chalmers s/v/jabula port hardy b.c.

  5. I am considering buying a boat to use as a livaboard also. I’ll be working up in Port Hardy. Is there anywhere friendly out there? How about Port McNeil?

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