Don’t forget need for a working harbour

By Rick Schnurr, Times Colonist November 29, 2011

There is a need for some creative planning of the Victoria harbour foreshore.

However, recent articles have not mentioned the need for creative thinking and planning about the water of the harbour. The highest and best use of the harbour is for the navigation, protection and safe moorage of all vessels using it.

Victoria Harbour is a working harbour. It must continue to be available for all those vessels now using it.

Too often in the past, we have witnessed the displacement of marine services, moorage facilities, and navigation capacity in favour of gentrified shoreline developments. While condominiums, hotels, tourist entertainment and shopping facilities, recreational and cultural buildings can be located in any number of land-based locations, larger boats seeking shelter, seaplanes that need safe runways, and vessels needing maintenance and repair can only be accommodated in a safe harbour such as Victoria now offers.

Please keep the mariners in mind. Consult with all of the current marine users of the harbour during the planning process.

Rick Schnurr

Director, B.C. Nautical Residents Assoc.