Incorporation Announcement

BCNR Incorporation Certificate

Incorporation Certificate

Announcing the incorporation of the British Columbia Nautical Residents Association formed on June 4, 2010.

Several of the residents living on boats in BC waters came together in Victoria Harbour after many years of discussion to start this group under this basic mission statement:

1. To preserve & support the tradition of living aboard one’s vessel

2. To promote environmental awareness among liveaboards

3. To establish effective ongoing communications and resolve issues of concern to liveaboards

4. To serve as a voice for liveaboards regarding activities that affect BC waterways

The BCNR plans to open membership to all BC coastal communities, so we can liaise with community and government groups regarding development and activities that affect BC waterways.

As the summer progresses, we will be canvassing for members in order to strengthen our voice and provide for the cost of establishing a web presence.

The cost to join is $10.00 and the forming members listed in the Contact Us page will provide generic receipts.

Formal membership registration will be set up when we meet again in the fall.

Anyone interested in joining can Contact Us through this link.

You can examine the Certificate of Incorporation.

Meanwhile, the founding members will be cruising the waters of BC signing up as many people living on the water as we can. In the fall we will start addressing, in a strong unified voice all the issues that nautical residents face.