Marine Safety

A member contacted one of the directors reporting that they had become entangled in the remains of an old mooring while trying to place an anchor at night in inclement weather. If this has ever happened to you, please contact us and let us know. As this is a dangerous situation, and with the increasing number of uncharted moorings, the British Columbia Nautical Residents Association will be contacting the Office of Boating Safety regarding their policy on how they deal with this public safety issue.

2 thoughts on “Marine Safety

  1. I have been told that Pacific Pro Dive in Courtenay has been sinking large concrete blocks off the private marina breakwater in Comox, with lengths of chain attached. For a fee they will attach a private mooring to one of these and give you a certificate saying you now own that piece of ocean.
    Sounds like criminal fraud, and a serious hazard to navigation, if one fouls ones anchor on one of these in rough conditions when one has to leave quickly. Its the only shallow enough anchorage in the area to be practical to transient boats. Sad to see it stolen by criminal fraudsters.

    • Interesting that someone would try to profit from the mooring buoys – I am pretty sure that this is illegal and if Pacific Pro DIve doesnt want to find themselves in deep water (no pun intended) then they better smarten up. I like to anchor off that breakwater myself sometimes and would be upset if there was no room left to drop an anchor.

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