BCNRA in 2014

I hope everyone is having a good winter/spring. I just wanted to put a small note out there to touch base with our membership as we haven’t had a chance to complete our spring newsletter. The directors have been busily working away – if you’ve kept up with our Facebook page, you’ll see there has been lots in the news. Our meeting agenda’s have been pretty full. With that said, I still want to encourage you to write us if you have some concerns or thoughts. Our next meeting is February 23rd if you’d like to submit anything. Thanks, Kris!

3 thoughts on “BCNRA in 2014

  1. I am a live aboard in the Vancouver, BC area. I was told about your organization and I am looking forward to learning more. G.

  2. 03. Oct. 2014
    Hi everybody,
    There are several derelict and/or broken up Dinghies laying in the corner at the cement ramp in Oak Bay (Victoria). They have been laying there unsecured on the high water mark for several months and probably qualify as Garbage.

    Some of us know of the problems we have had over the last few years with the Municipality of Oak Bay. Since we belive that the Municipality of Oak Bay has no jurisdiction below the high water mark, perhaps it would be a wise gesture n our behalf if we as Livaboarders and/or free Moorers in the Oak Bay Basin remove this Trash showing our Goodwill to be responsible Citizen.

    I am willing to provide a Pickup Truck available for such action if this can be done within the next 2 weeks.

    Perhaps our Directors can look into this and provide some guidance on this matter.

    Thanks ———-Karl Prinz

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