2012 Annual General Meeting

Dear Members:

Please plan to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the BC Nautical Residents Association. It is scheduled for Sunday, October 14th, 1:00pm, at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre, Pioneer Room. The rec centre is located at 527 Fraser Street, Esquimalt, BC.

A new Board of Directors (5 – 7 members) will be elected at the AGM. If you are interested in serving, please be prepared to let your name stand at the meeting. All board candidates will be asked to introduce themselves before the election. No long political speeches are required! You’ll have two minutes maximum to say who you are, where you’re from, and why you’re interested in running for the BCNR Board of Directors.

If you have an item that you would like discussed at the AGM, please email it to feedback@bcnr.org by October 3, 2012, to ensure that you’ll have time on the agenda.

Looking forward to seeing you at the BCNR AGM!

Donna Sassaman
Recording Secretary
BC Nautical Residents Association