3 thoughts on “Vancouver Island district orders people living in docked boats to sail away

    • Interesting timing. I am just now considering buying this 60ft Fibeeglass hull, which was a luxury yatch power boat that lost its upper deck to a fire. Converting it to a liveaboard. Building a fresh cabin ontop from select recycled building materials. Motors are being removed by insurance agency. But a transome basic outboard would move it from A to B at 6 knots well enough. BUT. If living aboard in BC is on the way out..maybe this is not such a great plan??
      Right when I am trying to decide !
      The fact it is a Former Boat Hull. But converted to a Float Home? Any examples or other owners out there I can chat with?
      Im in Ladner.

      • Hi Dirk, I wouldn’t say that living aboard is on the way out in BC, in fact there are many successful marine communities. It’s not without challenges though and it varies from place to place. It sounds like you want to build more of a floating home – I would suggest a good resource for this is http://floathomepacific.ca/

        Cheers, Kris

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